Get to Know Energy Consultant Mandy Ledesma (PSALM President for Five Years)

Mandy Ledesma PSALM

Get to Know Energy Consultant Mandy Ledesma (PSALM President for Five Years)

An energy consultant in the Philippines like – Mandy Ledesma (PSALM President for Five Years) – that can bring both experience and passion at the table is an asset that any business can afford to pass on. 

With very specific skill sets honed through a variety of experiences – both from working in public and private sectors – Mandy, as most people know him, is one of the most established experts in the power and energy sector in the country, and all for good reasons.

Education and Credentials

Mandy Ledesma is a graduate of University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Economics with Concentration in Management. A consistent dean’s lister for five semesters, Mandy exhibited strong academic performance and still actively participates as a member of various groups, such as Inter-School Business Association, Alliance of Concerned Economist, and UP Economics Society.

To further enhance his management skills, Mandy Ledesma also pursued a Masters of Business Administration, majoring in finance, accounting, and management & strategy at J.L Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Northwestern University. 

Mandy Ledesma – A Man with Over Three Decades of Experience in Management and Energy Sector

Mandy Ledesma’s professional career started in 1989 when he finished the management training program of the Philippines Commercial International Bank and became a member of its Account Management Division. It’s in this company where Mandy started to hone his credit analysis and marketing skills.

In 1991, he joined PCI Capital Corporation as an associate, where he performed tasks such as term loan syndications, providing financial consultancy services to the bank’s most reputable clients, and preparing initial public offering and loan packages of the company’s Investment Banking Group.

He also served as a Summer Associate at Bankers Trust Company, where he performed capital structure analysis and financing alternatives for prospective clients, market analysis, and financial analysis for specialized structured transactions and 

From 1996 to 2008, Mandy Ledesma spent his career as the Director/VP of the Private Wealth Management Group of Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc. In the span of 12 years, Mandy dedicated his time and passion in managing the group’s activities, and has recommended structured risk management products to the bank’s wide client base. He also spearheaded the sale of global equities, fixed income securities, hedge funds, private equity funds, and other asset management products to private banking clients. 

One of notable achievements of Mandy Ledesma during his stint at Morgan Stanley is the 250-page Philippine Regional Business Plan which aimed to help the bank conquer the Philippine market at a more strategic level. Throughout his career as the director and vice president of the group, Mandy was able to accumulate thousands of hours in training, and passed several certification exams for brokerage and asset management business.

In 2008, the path of Mandy Ledesma and Royal Bank of Canada crossed, leading for the former to become the latter’s Managing Director and Country Head in the Philippines for two years.

Mandy Ledesma: PSALM President for Five Years

In 2010, the newly-formed Aquino administration noticed Mandy Ledesma’s stark track record in the financial industry, and appointed him as the president of the state-run Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM)

As the President and CEO of PSALM, Mandy Ledesmawas also in charge of supervising its overall operations and internal administration, making sure that PSALM undertake its major functions properly, namely the privatization of government’s power generation and transmission asset, liability management, and the collection of Universal Charge (UC) from all the distribution utilities company in the country. He also ensured that all the policies approved by the PSALM Board are enforced and all the divisions carry out their functions efficiently.

Most importantly, Mandly Ledesma represented PSALM Corporation in all its dealings and transactions with other government offices, agencies, and instrumentalities. He was also the official representative of the company for all its dealings with private and public entities – local or foreign. 

Hire Mandy Ledesma as Your Firm’s Energy Consultant

For Mandy Ledesma PSALM was a crucial stage of his career that empowered him to provide more professional and industry-specific service to his clients.  He currently works nationally as an energy and power consultant across a range of sectors including: electricity networks, government, retail, manufacturing and food processing, property, IT, agriculture, and NGOs. He has established a reputation in the energy industry as being completely transparent and independent in conducting management and advisory services and has built his reputation through years of practice in the public and private sector. This is reflected in his long-term relationships with his existing clientele.

Mandy Ledesma provides consultancy reports to private companies, state governments, co-operatives, networks and industry organizations. These reports cover consumer rights, policy and regulatory changes affecting electricity and gas networks, pricing and market intelligence.

He also offers consultancy services and feasibility studies for renewable energy options.

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