Five Reasons to Hire an Expert Energy Consultant

Mandy Ledesma PSALM

Five Reasons to Hire an Expert Energy Consultant

For Mandy Ledesma, PSALM president of five years,  running a business is always associated with a wide variety of ongoing energy costs that can make or break its operations. Unfortunately, what the vast majority of companies fail to realize is that there is always the chance of spending more money than they need to. For instance, when one looks at their monthly energy bill, they might not be aware of the components that contribute to the overall amount. 

These might include excessively high energy rates or usage that is out of proportion to the size of the company. To solve issues of this nature, getting assistance from a specialist will be very necessary. That would be to engage the services of an experienced energy consulting provider for your Philippine-based company.

1.) Expert and Up-to-Date Advice

The power and energy sector are perpetually subject to change. The price of fuel is volatile and always changing, and new innovations in technology are constantly emerging that can help you reduce the amount of energy you use. Your organization can be losing money due to inefficient light bulbs, air conditioners, or other office equipment. These expenditures may be reduced with the assistance of energy consultants.

There are also a lot of trends around energy-efficient technologies, and these trends might not always give you the value that you need. You may obtain a better deal and save money on fuel or electricity by enlisting the assistance of an energy expert who can guide you through the maze of ever-shifting energy pricing and emerging technology.

2.) Retain Focus on Your Business

You may have also examined the possibility of bringing a service in-house if you are thinking about using the services of an energy consultant in the Philippines. You might also give some thought to instructing a member of your team to manage the acquisition of energy supplies. 

You may get the benefits of having a full-time energy manager by working with an energy consultant, but without the cost of recruitment or training of that manager. Instead of dividing their attention between managing energy use and other responsibilities, your staff is free to concentrate on the activities at which it excels. You will have the advantage of working with a seasoned professional like Mandy Ledesma who is able to devote the required amount of time to identifying answers you seek.

3.) Access to Professional Resources

Energy Advisors are subject matter specialists, which means that they will present you with extra resources that you might not have first considered as being potentially beneficial to your efforts to reduce your energy use. Having access to these can be of great assistance in locating one-of-a-kind and specialized solutions to meet your unique energy requirements.

4.) Audited Bills

If the firm that provides your utilities makes a mistake, it might end up costing you extra money. Your utility bills are reviewed by an energy expert, who looks for problems and ensures that you are never overcharged. They are able to verify that you are being paid a reasonable price and identify costs for services that you did not request. 

In addition to this, your energy consultant will work to cultivate good connections with energy providers. They will know who to talk to in order to address an issue with your account, and the strong ties that they have with suppliers can help to make the process go more smoothly.

5.) Discover New Power Alternatives

Not only are prices changing, but the very kind of energy sources that can be used are as well. The following are some examples of several types of energy sources: natural gas, oil, propane, and electricity. 

Working with an energy expert allows you to locate the resources that best satisfy the requirements of your business while staying within its financial constraints. A further advantage is that you need only concern yourself with a single point person, as that individual will be the one to deal with all of the various providers.

Mandy Ledesma – PSALM President and Energy Consultant

With all these benefits, however, one should not just any energy consultant to do the analysis of their current and projected energy initiatives. Hiring an energy consultant with years of experience in the power and energy industry should always be the top priority. 

Mandy Ledesma, PSALM president for five years, offers over three decades of experience in consultancy and management to any companies looking for an expert that can guide them through the maze of power and energy fields. Contact us to learn more about his energy consulting services.

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