5 Qualities that Makes an Excellent Energy Consultant

Emmanuel Ledesma PSALM

5 Qualities that Makes an Excellent Energy Consultant

At some time in their life cycles, almost all companies will have a need for the specialized assistance of outside experts – such as an energy consultant like Emmanuel Ledesma, PSALM president for half a decade. When a firm has established its place in a particular market, the next difficulty that typically presents itself is identifying more business opportunities, perhaps to save money in the long run. How can a company manage its energy efficiency, discover alternatives, and mitigate the risks that come with the ever-changing power sector?

Employing an energy consultant is one strategy that may be utilized to accomplish these objectives. Energy consultants are armed with an arsenal of specialized expertise that enables them to help businesses optimize their energy usage. They utilize fundamental power supply concepts to analyze the efficiency of the business processes and propose multiple long-term strategies that can reduce the overall energy consumption and carbon footprint of the business. 

Having said that, there is more to it than just deciding that you need to engage an energy consultant and selecting the first one you come across as your partner in this endeavor. Because your decision will be influenced by a number of different elements, it is essential that you look for the following qualities before diving headfirst into the situation. 

1.) Strategic and Calculated

The overall management of the energy utilization of your company should receive the same level of critical and strategic consideration as any other aspect of your business. This implies that the energy consultant has to establish and implement comprehensive energy plans that are targeted to the budget of your company, the risk tolerances of its employees, as well as the organization’s short-term and long-term energy demands and financial goals. 

This kind of strategic thinking needs to be founded on a comprehensive awareness of both markets and laws, in addition to an understanding of the peculiarities and subtleties that are unique to each individual customer.

2.) Independent Market Expertise

The independence of energy consultants is another quality that is considered to be of the utmost importance. This indicates that the energy consultant does not have any association with or preference for any qualifying generator or supplier, as this might cause a bias in the analysis that they conduct. If this bias is reduced to zero or does not exist at all, then the interests and goals of the energy-consulting business and their clients will be more likely to coincide. 

Because of this alignment of interests, the energy consultant should remain actively engaged throughout the length of your energy contract and give impartial recommendations to help protect your company’s interests.

3.) Thinks and Works Long-Term

Due to the risks and uncertainties involved in producing successful energy management, you should steer clear of consultants that hurry to finish a project or provide their services on a transactional basis. Instead of looking for a rapid turnaround and finishing the project, an energy consultant need to be devoted to seeing it through to the end. Energy procurement and the negotiation of supply contracts are not high-frequency operations where the parties may get in and out almost rapidly as if they were trading stocks. Instead, these activities are analogous to the buying and selling of commodities. To ensure the customer receives the most beneficial results possible, the energy consultant must pay careful attention to each of these actions and maintain a firm resolve.

4.) Constant Learners

It is essential for an energy consultant to have a significant amount of experience and expertise because the market and the rules are always changing. Because of this, it is essential for them to demonstrate how they have supported organizations in adjusting to change. 

Because of the need for ongoing education in today’s energy market, the suggestions that energy consultants provide are based on a comprehensive knowledge of the market as well as analysis of bills, technology, legal considerations, and so on. 

Reputable consultants such as Emmanuel Ledesma PSALM will work with internal experts to assist in protecting your company’s interests and ensuring that it has access to the finest possibilities in order to maximize the benefits of receiving a full perspective of the market.

5.) Certified and Proven Track Record

You most definitely do not want to hire anyone who is not knowledgeable about his work. If you do not have a reference for the person in question, it will be impossible for you to determine whether or not they are qualified to offer you professional assistance. 

Ask them if they have any form of certification and a client portfolio that you can look at to determine whether or not they are qualified for the position they are applying for. Those who have completed at least a year of formal education can be trusted.

Hire the Right Expert for Your Energy Management Needs

Now that you know what to look for in your next energy consultant, make sure not to settle for just any other consultant. It’s best to rely on someone who has been in the industry for a long time and has the track record to prove their expertise and experience. 

If you’re looking for an energy consultant in the Philippines, then look no further and let Emmnuel Ledesma do the job for you. Emmanuel  Ledesma – previous President and CEO of PSALM, offers over three decades of experience in consultancy and management, and provides sophisticated energy and power-related financial tools to any industrial, commercial, and institutional clients. 

Since 2010, Emmanual Ledesma has been involved in the power sector, accumulating vast experience in identifying energy-related business opportunities and developing strategic framework for realizing them. 

Contact us to learn more about his energy consulting services.

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